Professional Experience
UD CONCERTS                    1997 - 2022
Promoter, Marketing, Sales, Management, Contracts, Agency

      UD Concerts is a member of the Chamber of Commerce, Pollstar and IAFE Fair Association. UD Concerts has great buying power throughout the industry. UD Concerts has promoted many shows such as; Poison, Buckcherry, Rodney Atkins, Cole Swindell, Rockfest 2002 tour, and many more. UD Concerts has clients such as; Promoters, Festivals, and Fairs that we negotiate for National Artists to produce shows at their specific venue. UD Concerts oversees the operations to make sure the strategies and goals are made for the success of these clients. Our culture and ethics are among the best in the industry and markets. Our mission statement is “ Produce the best concerts and innovate with new strategies to enhance our clients as well as our own concerts”.  The goals and vision with UD Concerts is to advance all clients and generate new avenues to pursue with in the industry.
Corporate communication, Operations, City Council requirements.
      UD Concerts has the knowledge to advance with Artist management on staging, sound, lighting, and roofing, along with all the knowledge and applications for pyrotechnic's. These transactions such as pyrotechnic and leasing land to produce a concert requires; city permits and officials to sign off on the events that are outdoors. UD Concerts has this logic, paper work, and the know how to shut down areas such as; Airports in the past.
Loaders, Runners, Ticket takers, Concessions.
      UD Concerts coordinates and operates with synergy tactics. We flow from top down, but in an organic structure. This part of the operations is critical, for time is money, and UD Concerts has the organizational development to make all things operate in a timely fashion with team work. This has been proven over the years.


Work Experience
Tour Manager                                                                   
Jani Lane of Warrant                                                                    2004        
Great White                                                                                  2005
Vince Neil of Motley Crue
Booked all his personal appearances on the Red White & Crue Tour     2006-2007    
    This is a different angle of the business that our team has experienced within the industry to enhance the knowledge within the company. Tour managing consisted of scheduling and advancing contracts/rider with promoters and venues along with protecting the Artists images.

Our Team:
President, Rob Hocken

Vice President, 

Agent, Jeremy Dobkins

Production Engineer; Kevin Culture 

Ticketing: Jean Keener

Director: Jeff Wolf

Secretary, Promise Wright